Water Damage Cleanup – Bio Management Northwest

Do you need assistance with any of the following?

  • Damage from water or flooding
  • Structural drying
  • Drainage of sewers

Water damage occurs because of many unexpected events, such as broken pipes in your plumbing system, complete backup of your sewage, failure of your septic system, and flooding. When a home is flooded, severe damage occurs to the structures within, particularly if the water has been standing for an extended period of time.

A professional cleanup company is the only way to remediate water damage properly. Bio Management Northwest is the leading choice for water damage cleanup, with a team of trained technicians who have vast experience with dealing with any type of water removal and water damage restoration.

To properly remediate your home, we follow these steps:

  1. We remove water from the home
  2. Structures are dried completely throughout the home
  3. Proper sanitization is performed in affected areas
  4. Complete restoration of affected areas, including carpets, drywalls, etc.

Your home insurance policy will dictate how you are expected to mitigate damage in a flooding emergency. The sooner you take action to restore the home, the less money it will cost in the long run. After 24 hours of moisture, mold begins to grow. Most insurance policies will not protect you for Mold Removal Services, or will not provide enough coverage for the entire job. By taking steps to reduce damage as soon as you can, these costs can be avoided.

If your sewage is backing up, blocked, or your entire septic system has failed, you understand how inconvenient this is to your home and family. As a property owner, being prepared for these issues is a must. The cleanup from sewage damage is disgusting, and not something that any homeowner wants to deal with. Bio Management Northwest offers cleanup Services for sewage damage that alleviates the risks involved with the hazardous material. Our technicians decontaminate entirely the area, then perform sanitization and deodorize the area in order to remove all traces of the damage and make it safe to use again.

Water damage falls into one of three categories:

  1. Category 1 – clean and sanitary water damage from a faucet
  2. Category 2 – greywater contamination that has the potential to cause harm if a person is exposed to it or ingests it
  3. Category 3 – Unsanitary, hazardous water damage from sewer backups, toilet overflows, river water, stagnant water

The water removal service experts at Bio Management Northwest are trained, licensed, and certified to assist with water removal and flood damage cleanup. Wherever the water damage has occurred, be it in the basement or the ceiling, our team works fast to ensure that the integrity of your home is maintained.

Not only do we mitigate and clean up the damage that water has produced, but we also work hard to find the source of the problem so that the issue does not return. We work with a massive range of insurance companies and strive to make the process as simple as possible with each step.

Move-Outs and Pack-Outs of Personal Items

Water damage is hugely inconvenient, and cleanup may require being out of the home for some time. If you need a temporary move out, then the team at Bio Management Northwest will assist you with the packing of your personal items to reduce the risk of further damage. Once your home has been restored, and all water has been removed and remediated, our team arranges move-in of all property back into the house at the customer’s convenience.

If your personal items have become damaged by water, Bio Management Northwest will assist with drying them.

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