Trauma Scenes

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult events someone can experience. To make matters worse, there’s often a cleanup situation involved. Cleanup of a home after a trauma scene is the last thing someone wants to do.

Having a professional company like Bio Management Northwest get involved in the cleanup situation only makes sense. Let a professional handle the part of a trauma scene no one wants to handle. Crime scenes, unattended deaths, accidental deaths, and suicides are all very difficult situations to manage.

Crime Scene Cleanup
Crime scenes can vary greatly but often create high risk environments for the professionals who work crime scenes. Meth labs, crack houses, murders, suicides and homicides are the type of crime scenes where bloodborne pathogens are frequently present. First responders, investigators, evidence collectors and those in charge can all be at risk. Read more about our Crime Scene Cleanup services.

Unattended Death Cleanup
An unattended death is another situation that can be difficult to deal with and requires immediate attention to the cleanup process. Along with an unattended death comes body decomposition and all of its disturbing stages. Read more about our Unattended Death Cleanup services.

Accidental Death Cleanup
An accidental death scene usually involves blood and bodily fluids. An accidental death is a death caused by an unanticipated and unusual event. There are several types of accidental deaths including poisoning, falls, car accidents and drug overdose. Other common types of accidental death are drownings, fire, suffocation, firearms and industrial accidents. Regardless of the type of accidental death a trauma scene cleanup company needs to provide cleaning services. Read more about our Accidental Death Cleanup services.

Suicide Cleanup
Suicide is a tragic event. It’s often sudden and unexpected. Suicide creates a trauma scene cleanup situation that needs to be dealt with immediately. Read more about our Suicide Cleanup services.

Regardless of the type of crime scene a trauma scene cleanup company needs to provide cleaning services. Bio Management Northwest has trained technicians to handle all biohazard situations and limit the exposure and risk involved.

Bio Management Northwest has been in business since 2007 and has more than 15 years of experience in trauma cleanup. We service all areas of Washington and Oregon. We provide biohazard remediation services and specialize in trauma scene cleanup. Our technicians are highly trained and educated in cleaning up trauma scenes. We follow guidelines established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for trauma scene cleanup.

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