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Accidental deaths often result in bodily fluids, including blood, contaminating the scene. You must hire experienced trauma scene cleaners to thoroughly clean and sanitize the surrounding area.

An accidental death is a death resulting from an unexpected or unusual occurrence. Many deaths fall into this category. Poisoning is the leading cause of accidental death in the United States, with drugs causing the majority. In Washington State, there are approximately 855 poisoning deaths a year.

Falls are another leading cause of death. More than 800 people die a year in Washington State from falls. In 2008, 22,631 Americans died from unintentional falls, which equals 7.5 people per 100,000.

Motor vehicle accidents are another common form of accidental death. In Washington State, there are about 500 motor vehicle deaths a year. They can happen anytime and anywhere people are operating vehicles.

Other accidental death causes requiring death clean-up services include industrial accidents, fire, drowning, firearms, and suffocation. No matter the reason, you need accidental death cleanup services to ensure biohazards are adequately cleaned.

Our after-death cleaning services use experienced technicians who understand biohazard and blood clean-up services. Clients can reach us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with fast response times in as little as one to three hours, depending on the location. We are always on call and ready to respond with death clean-up services. Sheriffs, coroners, police officers, often refer family members our accident and blood clean-up services.

Accidental deaths often result in significant amounts of blood and body fluids. Cleaning an accidental death scene becomes critical when blood and bodily fluids are present. Where the accidental death occurs will dictate how the cleaning process needs to be managed. An accidental death at home is different from an accidental death on the highway.

The most significant risk of accidental death comes from bloodborne pathogens found in blood and bodily fluid. It’s possible to contract hepatitis B or HIV from bloodborne pathogens resulting from accidental death. Individuals can be exposed to bloodborne pathogens through direct contact, inhalation, and ingestion. When these pathogens are airborne, they create a high-risk environment.

Suicide cleanup and other death clean-up services require a certified, licensed professional to ensure adequate cleaning. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have regulations regarding the proper cleaning and disposal of biohazards.

Stolen recovered vehicles can sometimes be the scene of an accidental death or may contain drug residue, depending on how it was used. Our trained cleaners can complete contaminated vehicle cleaning in Washington and Oregon to give you confidence that your vehicle is safe to use again. A potentially contaminated vehicle should be tested and cleaned prior to any auto repairs and maintenance and returning it to the owner.

Our highly trained technicians follow these regulations to eliminate biohazards and reduce exposure and risk after an accidental death.

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