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Homicide and suicides are sudden and tragic events, even without the stress and disparity of figuring out what to do next. While the authorities have their own procedures, it’s often the family and loved ones of the deceased that are left with the burden of remediating and cleaning the scene of the event.

After a homicide or suicide, there may be blood and other bodily fluids left at the scene. Once such a traumatizing event occurs, the last thing anyone needs is to be dealing with the cleaning and sanitizing of the space.

Bio Management Northwest is a trained, licensed and bonded provider of both homicide & suicide cleanup services. Our staff professionally cleans and sanitizes homes that have experienced these events. We have been providing Trauma Scene Cleanup services in Washington and Oregon since 2007.

Utilizing the services of a professional cleaning company that has experience with this type of situation can reduce the stress and trauma of the event. Not only that, but the environment can also be dangerous. Cleaning up the scene of the suicide exposes anyone on the scene to biological hazards that are carried in blood, bodily fluids and tissue.

Blood carries microorganisms known as bloodborne pathogens that can cause disease when exposed to them. Hepatitis B and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) are the most common bloodborne pathogens found in blood. Exposure can occur through direct contact, ingestion or inhalation, injection, and absorption through the skin. It is estimated that 1 out of 20 people in the US are infected with some type of Hepatitis and do not realize it. A single teaspoon of infected blood can contain over a billion Hepatitis cells.

Any fluid produced by a person, including blood, vomit, urine, and feces all contain potential biohazards and should only be handled with the proper protective equipment.

There are comprehensive regulations about how suicide cleanup or homicide cleanup should occur. At Bio Management Northwest, our employees have undergone specialized training to handle biohazards at the scene. Extensive training is required to meet Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) guidelines for cleaning and disposal of hazardous material.

Our technicians wear full safety gear, including a biohazard suit and respirator. We bring the proper chemicals and cleaning tools. Our team inspects and analyzes the house to find and identify all cleaning areas. We also have specific methods of disposal to ensure ethical business practices. We can complete the property’s restoration and any needed carpet replacement, painting, or housekeeping if requested. Bio Management Northwest guarantees the scene of the incident is left clean and safe for others to reoccupy through specialized suicide and homicide scene cleanup.

Contact Us Today: Contact Bio Management Northwest at 1-877-524-6411 to discuss your cleanup requirements. Our dedicated team is ready to provide swift and reliable assistance, safeguarding the well-being of all involved. 

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