Vehicle Cleanup

Bio Management Northwest technicians are experts in regards to bio cleaning and vehicle decontamination. We clean it all, from basic grime to blood and hazardous material. We also can remove needles and drug paraphernalia from your vehicle. We routinely clean vehicles that have been contaminated for local law enforcement, government agencies, car dealerships, businesses, and personal vehicles to remove, clean, and properly dispose of hazardous materials due to a major blood spill, accident, crime, or suicide in an automobile.

Luckily, most auto insurance policies cover the cost of a bio cleaning of your car to help you with the cost of remediation.

Bio Management Northwest has years of experience in dealing with the bio cleaning of vehicles of all sizes including metro buses, semi-trucks, cars, trucks, and SUV’s. We are available for immediate assistance and can come to you to clean your vehicle or have it towed to one of our warehouses. Get your car back to a clean and sanitized state immediately.

Call us at (800) 408-2226 to get started.